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Your senior mechanical design engineer

for the entire development process.

Strong in lightweight construction, efficient in product development and configuration, pragmatic and effective thanks to simulation and measurement technology.



here2engineer offers cutting-edge mechanical design engineering from A to Z:

  • Innovation and conception in your product segment, from customer questionnaires to brainstorming & requirements

  • Simulation (mastering multiple FEA tools, Matlab) for an optimal dimensioning of your system. Adequate and efficient.

  • CAD design (SolidEdge, Solidworks, Siemens NX, Inventor, Catia V5, etc.) including manufacturing support.

  • Verification (using LabVIEW, MoTeC usw.) in your labs, to verify your new products' quality.



Olympic Gold 2014, European Patent 2016, 2 Techworks Awards 2018, what success can here2engineer bring to you?

Bobteam celebrating in a Citius bobsleigh
VZug CombiSteam XSL
2TechworksAwards for CTU-400 E-Axle

PhD & Olympic Gold Bobsleigh

@ ETH Zurich 2013 & 2014

2 Patents (1x CH, 1x EU)

@ VZUG 2016

2 Techworks Innovation Awards

@ McLaren Applied Technologies 2018

Your project?


"[...] He was up to speed in no time and contributed a kinematic model and designed the parts of the collision avoidance system. He was able to work very independently but he is an excellent team player at the same time. With his open and winning personality he contributed to the good spirit in our team."

Dr. Andreas Lieb, Senior Development Engineer at Nanosurf AG, 2021

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Dr. Pascal Arnold

+(Four-one) 79 407 20 68


here2engineer GmbH

Kreuzstrasse 17

CH-6010 Kriens (LU)

Chartered Engineer IMECHE

Member of SWISSMEM

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